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Design My Website

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New Website

You have a new idea or a new business that needs to have a presence online. This could be the first time or tenth time building a site. The procedure is the same. You will need to communicate your marketing needs. Provide content (verbiage, pictures, links, logo).  Your main goal is to create your own space online to showcase your presentation.

Website Overhaul/Update

Your website is old or newly built and wrong! There are many reasons why a business seeks to redo their website. The most important part of the process is to not look back.  Chances are there is new technology out there that is going to work for or against you in this process. We understand both sides and will make it seamless for you.

Software Creation

Driven by a need for an invention or necessity, new software is always being created. rather than taking a shot in the dark, make a solid move with expert guidance.  We will complete a mind mapping session that's recorded and delivered to you by email to keep. Our contracts are made with your success in mind.

Software Overhaul

If it's broken, it has to go! If your software has an attitude problem, it's far worse than a bad business deal. We depend on our software to establish credibility and market reach. updating our software regularly is a must. Partner with our professionals that will only deploy what will make things better.

Lead Generation: you can add on the ability to capture emails on your website.  When someone enters their email they will get an auto response inviting them to take advantage of your services. You will be able to send a weekly update to all of the emails that get captured automatically, and all at once.
Ecommerce: your website can collect money in exchange for goods and services. 
Membership Site: You can hide pages from the public unless they pay to view them. Memberships can have a reoccurring charge. Free role defining memberships can be community building.
The website is a Business Card: A short one-page site that communicates your elevator pitch.
Software as Service:  Unlock the potential of remote services.  There is no limit to what you can accomplish online. Add extreme functionality to your site and benefit from an active database that serves your business needs.

Get FREE Online Training

We offer online training, helping you understand the tools you have. Many business owners buy new technology to do what their current tech can handle.

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