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I am passionate about Professional Landscaping for your Business and Home. We will get the job right every time. Thank you for letting us serve you!

This is a WordPress template customized to fit the business needs of the landscaping company.
We can Customize the forms throughout the website to capture what you need. The form(s) can be delivered to multiple recipients.
Internal Website SEO. Make sure you prepare your website to be found by using the relevant content. Yoast provides a strategic approach to presenting your message to your target audience.
  • Akismet Anti-Spam Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. Your site is fully configured and being protected, even while you sleep.
  • Child Theme Configurator When using the Customizer is not enough - Create child themes and customize styles, templates, functions and more.
  • Ninja Forms Ninja Forms is a webform builder with unparalleled ease of use and features.
  • Portfolio Gallery Portfolio Gallery is a great plugin for adding specialized portfolio galleries, video portfolio gallery of just a gallery with single images.
  • Simple Share Buttons Adder A simple plugin that enables you to add share buttons to all of your posts and/or pages.

SEO - Small Business

SEO is a long-term approach to marketing and market saturation and is only one of the funnels we need to consider. There are also others. I think this is a good start and for a Small Business.

Client Service Mapping System: 

  • What SEO product are best for your business?
  • What is your timeline?

Monthly Digital Marketing Investment $2K to $10K/mo 

  •  1st month is 50% off.
  • One time Setup Fee

We will place ads for you.

  •  Paid Ad-spend add on
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Website Content Management

The best website presentation complements both user experience and service or product offerings. Strategically display what will bring business. Eliminate what will waste you and your clients time.

Content Mapping Session: 

  • What is your target audience?
  • What is your message?
  • What is your desired response to your message?

Website content conversion session.

  •  consultation 1st hour $250
  • $50 hour/ consultation time 2nd hour on.
  • subsequent work time as a result of the session / $75 hour

We will package your content to deliver to any website designer.

  •  included in hourly rate.
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Professional Verbiage Writers

Website verbiage is crucial to your online marketing.  Word relevancy will determine whether you have an authority page or "NOT!"

Verbiage Mapping Session: 

  • What is your service offering?
  • What desired response are you going for?
  • What reading range will best fit your target audience?

Verbiage Sessions:

  • Consultation 1st hour $350
  • Consultation 2nd hour on $100
  • Professional verbiage writer's cost as a result of consultation will be billed at the rate of $75

Custom writing is available by a quote:

  • commercial script writing
  • online video dialog writing
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Graphic Design

We design custom graphics for the following projects:

  • Websites
  • Business Cards
  • Logos
  • Signs
  • Posters
  • Banners for any occasion.  
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How to prepare your business for a Website

Print Vs Ditigal

In many ways "Print Marketing" is dead! We use the same concepts but in a digital, more portable format. The best way to get ready for your website is to think in terms of visual scalability. All of your marketing ideas should be as flexible as possible. For example; if your tag line is long, how will it look using fewer words? It's better to have a short tag line altogether.

Website Pictures

"The BIGGER, The Better!" It is common practice to downsize an image to fit an online visual presentation. It is also a crucial part of SEO when gauging how fast or slow your page loads. However, it's not recommended to try to enlarge a small image to fill a space on your web page. It's best to keep small images small if they are necessary to complete your communication. Not having a professional resize your images when putting them online can waste time and money in the long run.

What Kind Of Website Do I Need?

There are countless tools out there to determine what kind of competition is on the Web in your industry. The key is to spend just the right amount of time marketing online. Too much investment in online marketing can be a waste if your target audience is not primarily making buying decisions online. At the very least you should have a solid business landing page that will bring credibility when someone needs to validate your attempt to earn their business. Anything beyond this needs to be an intentional and well-funded approach.

What Will My Website Do?

Contrary to popular belief, websites don't do much. The part that is defined as a website simply displays pictures, text, and links. Out of the consistent misconception that websites do more, our industry is learning not to correct our customers and just roll with it. Your web developer must connect several external services together to achieve functionality on your website. All of these services most-likely is supported by another business. When things fall apart we notice our developer runs for the hills because your functionality was outsourced and fixing it will result in a loss to the web developer.